Hello and welcome!  My name is Melanie Stigler, and I’m a psychic medium and healer.  I was born with the unique abilities to read energy and communicate with Spirit.  I use these abilities to help clients gain insight and understanding of their soul’s lessons and to give them peace by reconnecting them with their deceased loved ones.  I’m also able to offer perspective on the underlying spiritual causes of physical, mental, and emotional diseases, helping clients to move forward on their healing journey.
I hold sacred space for my clients, while providing intuitive guidance and support to help them find their Light.  I teach them how to create the life they want, live their purpose, cultivate joy, and fully step into their authenticity.  I use many different healing tools and techniques including Reiki, Psych-k®, Astrology, HeartMath®, crystal healing, aromatherapy, and more.  It is my honor to share my gifts with you and my mission to make spiritual wellness the norm.